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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Puppies Keeping Cool in Summertime

RUSTY: Our folks are doing their best to keep Smoky and me cool when we are outside. It has not been easy, since there have been some hot and humid days here. But we really enjoy being outside, exploring and running down everything and everyone of interest to us. That doggone fence keeps us from catching the ones we are really after, like: the squirrels, birds, cats, other dogs, and any loud and funny-looking cars or people that pass by. You see, we consider ourselves to be the guardians of this street, and we don't let nothing pass by without our approval or at least a woof at it.
We always enjoy the frozen water that our folks set out, next to our regular water, when we are outside. That way, we can cool down by licking the ice or just laying besides it. There are also the frozen treats we enjoy, like an occasional frozen hot dog. DELICIOUS!! In addition, we also have our little pool, but we are still getting used to it - we have not learned how to swim yet.
Mom just found a new dog site called PetPlace, that featured an article on how to keep your dog cool in the summertime. She put a link to the article below, if you want to check it out. Anyhow, that's all we have time to say today, because the weather is a little bit cooler, and we have to do some of the things we have been missing out on when the days have been hotter.

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At 12:05 AM, Blogger Pacco de Mongrel said...

summer aloha!

enjoy more summer's adventure..

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Sparky said...

Ice is just perfect for hot days! And have you ever tried frosty paws? They're great on hot days. But for the last couple weeks where I live it hasn't been very hot, so I don't get any frosty paws. =(



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