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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is Your Dog Prepared for Disaster?

RUSTY & SMOKY'S MOM: Is your dog prepared for disaster? What will you do with your furry doggie children, in the evident of an emergency evacuation? The second anniversary of Katrina is a time for reflection. It may have happened in New Orleans, but being realistic, natural disasters can occur anywhere in the world and to anyone. Therefore, we really should prepare before something unplanned happens. Most of us rarely prepare for the unexpected, so we panic when the unexpected happens.

As is evident from Katrina, we must really be prepared when we have four-legged family members to be concerned about. In the evident of an emergency evacuation, what would we do with our beloved dogs, cats, and other family pets? Now is the time to give consideration to their safety, before something happens. Many families that were affected by Katrina not only lost family members, their homes, their livelihoods, and their normalcy of life - they also lost beloved family pets. Most pets that managed to survive the disaster, were not happily reunited with their owners. We need to prepare now, so that should the worst ever occur, we can hopefully be united with all of our family members, including our pets.

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