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Monday, March 06, 2006

Puppies - A New Addition to the Family

The sight of new puppies makes me warm all over! They are so cute and cuddly!

We have two real cutie pies that live at our house. They are BAD, but really sweet and cute! The dark, handsome one on the left is Smoky; and the lighter reddish, striking one on the right is Rusty. I can only begin to describe the joy and terror those two have bought into our lives. But to tell their story right, I have to go back to when they first came home. And, also, it would not be fair to only tell our version of things, so I will let the boys speak for themselves. So, let's go back to the beginning. . . .

Owner's story:

Puppies, puppies, puppies!! What were we thinking when we adopted not one, but two puppies! It's double the pleasure, but double TROUBLE too. They were the only two boys left in the litter. (Yes, it's hard to believe, but they really are brothers, from the same little of puppies.) We really wanted two puppies, so that they could be playmates and companions for one another. And they were so adorable.

We will always recall the day we took them home. The two little bundles of joy were put in a box lined with newspaper, and placed in the back seat of the car. They were so frightened that they trembled, and each one tried to bury their head under the other one. They squeezed into one corner of the box, and became very quiet, except for the occasionally little whimper. We drove home very carefully, so as not to cause the puppies any more stress or frights than they were already experiencing. Once during the trip the little black one got up his nerve to lift his head up, and try to climb out of the box. But, as soon as I lovingly, yet firmly told him to sit down, he scurried back into the corner of the box. In fact, a little scuffle could be heard coming from the box, as they again fought over who could squeeze further into the corner of the box.

At last, we arrived to their new home. Even when we sat the box on the ground, they refused to make a move. Finally, the little black one dared to lift up, and step out of the box. His brother soon followed his exit. When we attempt to reach out and touch them, the startled puppies fled to a woodpile, and took sanctuary there. Then they begin to cry and whimper, sometimes in unison, and other times in a alternating chorus. It took us about twenty minutes before we managed to get both puppies from under the woodpile. We had to put them back into the safety of their box, until we could further puppy-proof their new surroundings. We had not fully realized the cramped spaces those little fellows could squeeze into. Finally, though, with some modifications, the puppies' living quarters were ready for them. As soon as we put them to bed, that first night, they looked relieved to be able to call it a day.


Puppies' story:

We were really, really scared, the day we left our momma and sister behind. Our momma's owner picked each of us up, and placed us in a box. She gave the box we were in, to strange people who we had only seen once before. We were so frightened that we fought over who could squeeze their head deeper into the corner of the box. We wanted to see where they were taking us, so maybe we could find our way back to our momma. But the strange lady in the front of the vehicle we were in, told us to sit down. Her voice was uncompromising, so we thought we had better listen.

It seemed like an eternity before the vehicle stopped moving. Then the strange people put the box we were in, on the ground. The people were encouraging us to come out of the box, but we were very wary of their intentions. So, we gingerly came out of the box. And then it happened! One of the people reached out toward us. We ran for our lives! We took refuge under a pile of wood, but we had to squeeze together very tightly for our paws not to stick out. It was very hard to do! Our hearts were beating so fast, that it felt like they would jump out of our chests!

The next twenty to thirty minutes are a blur, but somehow those strange people managed to pull us from under the woodpile, and we found ourselves cowering once again in the box. After some time, the people showed us to our sleeping quarters. We were so exhausted by then, that we were just happy that the day's events had come to a close. As our eyelids grew heavier, we wondered what our momma and sister were doing . . . .