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Thursday, September 28, 2006

BAD Puppies!

Yesterday was a BAD puppy day. The puppies had torn up paper and spread it all over the yard - not an attractive scene. Which is made worse when you have a thousand and one things to do, and not enough time to do it all in. Who wants to pick up little scraps of paper all over the yard? Not me, or anyone else in my family! We pick up dog poop out of love, but we have our limits! Anyway, the puppies are really 'in the dog house.' So, I would rather reflect on more pleasant days in the past, like when they enjoyed an early meal on Chinet plates. Only the best, for our BAD boys.

(Nothing like a little wrestling match to help whip up a good appetite.)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Puppies Enjoy a Beautiful Fall Day

To mix things up a little bit, I am posting recent pictures of the puppies enjoying a beautiful fall day. As usual, they enjoy and look, while we do all the yard work. I do think that they really enjoyed the freshly mowed yard, free of puppy poop. I believe that the loving glances and wet kisses on the hand, was their way of saying: "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

(The puppies are checking out the freshly mowed yard, to see if it meets their approval.)

(Smoky seems to give his OK. Rusty is still making up his mind.)

(Finally, Rusty indicates his approval of the yard - hence his relaxed pose.)

(Nothing is more fun than a wrestling match on a newly mowed yard.)

(Rusty is not having anymore to do with this match, that is, if he is on the losing end of things.)

(This is more like it, according to Rusty, when , of course, he is coming out on top. Smoky doesn't care, he just wants to have FUN!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Early Days of Puppy Life

More photos from the early days of puppy life:

(Two guys just hanging out, looking for a good time.)

(Rusty pondering what he should get into.)

(Rusty and Smoky wondering what the heck is that little silver box in front of my face - the camera.)

(Rusty tells Smoky: Don't try to hide behind me!)

(Rusty and Smoky decide to grit their teeth at me, hoping that will intimidate me from taking their picture.)

(The boys have a little fight between themselves.)

(Rusty tells Smoky: I'm not talking to you anymore.)