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Monday, October 30, 2006

A Dirty Passion

The boys have been busy playing, as usual, of course. The rest of us have been busy working, as usual, of course. All of the helpful tips and comments we have received, have been much appreciated. I am sorry that I have not had time to respond to each comment, but I am buying out time to do so this week.

The boys do have a little digging problem, that we are currently working on, for fear that they injury themselves in the holes they have dug. Just the other day, Rusty fell in a hole while running. He looked around, as if to say, "Who put that hole there?" Like he didn't know who did it. Those little rascals are better diggers than Bugs Bunny! When I have caught them digging, they are usually digging with all their heart, like they are searching for some valuable treasure. So far, all they have dug up is dirt and junk. Yet, it seems to be their passion, particularly, when they are bored. We are all working on the problem, including Rusty and Smoky. They appear very guilty after digging a new hole, I think sometimes they just can't help themselves. We are considering positive solutions to help them fulfill or find a new passion. In the meantime, we have put pieces of wood around fruit trees, so that little beaver-dogs don't uproot them.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Good-looking Boys

Such good-looking boys!

Sometimes I Wish I Was A Puppy

I was looking out the window, watching the puppies play. The thought occurred to me that these little fellows have a pretty good life. We feed them, we brush their hair, we bathe them, we play with them, we rub their bellies, we spoil them, we give them toys and treats, we pick up their poop, we clean up their house. They sleep whenever they want, they play whenever they want, they look at us with those big puppy eyes and twirl us around their paws. If they decide that a meal is not to their liking, we rake our brains trying to find a more appetizing menu for those little discriminating tastes. Sometimes I wish I was a puppy. A puppy that someone would love and cuddle, and try to fulfill my every wish. (Good husbands do their best, but I do find that they let the dogs get away with more than they would ever let their wives get away with, and not whine and complain.) Yet, there are usually more advantages to being a human, so I will be content with my place in the universe. And, of course, enjoy unconditional love from Rusty and Smoky!

These little rascals really know how to have a GOOD TIME!