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Monday, November 13, 2006

What Shall We Get into Today?

Even puppies have decisions to make. It's hard work deciding what activies to get into. Shall we eat, and then play? Or should we look pitiful, and try to get a bellyrub and a biscuit first? There are so many things to explore and smell, a puppy just doesn't know where to start.

(Rusty asks Smoky:"What should we do today?")

(Smoky tells Rusty his opinion about the day's activities.)

(Smoky hoping to get my approval on the day's agenda.)

(Ah! The good life!)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Their Serious Side

The boys were getting a little puppy rest up above. It's hard work, having all that FUN! But, they want it to be known that they do have a serious side. So, the boys have been requesting that I do close-up photos of them for their blog, reflecting their serious nature. They are not just good-time boys, they sometimes stop to consider what life would be like without a daily belly rub. They need a bath, which they will be getting today. Therefore, these photos show them in, let us say their "rugged handsome" appearance. Here they are:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

There is a Price to be Paid for Fun

I realize that Rusty and Smoky are having fun digging those giant water holes. But even puppies must learn that fun can cost you. Most of us have done wild and crazy things in our youth, like party into the wee hours of the night, and then have to drag yourself to school or work the next day. As you suffer thru the following day, you wish you maybe didn't have so much fun; even Mountain Dew has you barely functioning. Well, little puppy dogs must learn there are consequences for their actions too. That is a Mom's duty, to instill discipline, right? Well, after reading in my Puppies for Dummies book (I admit it, we are dummies when it comes to puppies), and looking at several episodes of The Dog Whisper, I now know that they were enjoying way too much freedom. So, we have made a slightly smaller yard enclosure area, that still allows them to enjoy a good run, but isn't as close to garden beds with freshly tilled dirt (that is more than a dirt addict like Rusty and Smoky, can bear). We will see how things go.

(A smaller water hole, but deep.)

(Rusty trying to assure me that he definitely did

not do it. Look at those eyes!)

(Rusty trying to get Smoky to take the rap.)